About us

Our mission at Aloa®? To make you a better version of yourself. Because your vision matters and deserves to be shared.


What can we say?


We like things that look good, feel good, sound good, taste good, even smell good.


We hate things that don’t work as expected.


We’re what happens when a group of people who have high expectations of themselves get together and form a company.

Who is Aloa®?

A team you’ll love

Our people are the secret. We are selective when building our team. We collect and cultivate top players who know how to work together. For you, this means saving endless hassle.
Ross Palmer

Ross Palmer​

Co-Founder / CEO

Maru Retana

Maru Retana

Co-Founder / Head of Social Media

Hawa Ali

Hawa Ali

Head of Strategy

Renata Hernandez​

Project Manager
Elizabeth Maldonado

Elizabeth Maldonado​

Lead Designer
Oscar Maceda

Oscar Maceda

Animator / Video Editor
Mario Arias

Mario Arias

3D Wizard

Iryna Zinych

Iryna Zinych​

Senior UX/UI Designer

Eduardo Torres

Web Developer

Nabeel Shakeel​​

Software Engineer

Jessica McKeil


Nazmun Naha

Nazmun Nahar

 SEO & Ads Expert

Dee Hakobyan

Dee Hakobyan

UX/UI & Graphic Designer

Navneet Golwalkar

WordPress Specialist

Aimen Siddiqui

Podcast Outreach & Relationship Manager

Samantha Downes

Samantha Downes

Podcast Showrunner

Let's Build!

Let us take you further than you’ve ever been.