The complete digital package for a publicly-traded agritech company.

The work

How we built four e-commerce brands under one roof.

After our client Lab Society was acquired by Agrify, we were faced with some of our toughest challenges as an agency. Agrify was a publicly-traded company that had acquired several key brands in the sector, including PurePressure, Precision Extraction, Cascade Sciences, and Lab Society. 


Our task was to not only build out, add e-commerce functionality, and improve UI/UX for the new acquisitions, but also to build and maintain the digital web presence of all four existing brands.

Organic traffic in 1 year
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Rachel S.

VP of Marketing

I highly recommend Aloa for their outstanding work in supporting Agrify’s marketing team and achieving our company’s goals. Over the past few months, they’ve exceeded our expectations and helped us meet our deadlines while developing two new websites and three e-commerce platforms.


Overall, Aloa provides top-notch website development and marketing support, and they’re a pleasure to work with. Their commitment to delivering outstanding results is unparalleled, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for exceptional service.

A technical challenge, solved.

Our first task was to build out an existing style guide in a new instance of WordPress, creating an ecosystem that the marketing team could easily add (blog) content to. We wanted to interpret the branding guidelines given to us, being faithful to the original vision while building out dozens of new pages and custom tools.

A new, cohesive platform.

We faced many challenges on this project that were completely unique to this puzzle. Our custom WordPress multisite architecture solution created a streamlined e-commerce experience that created forward momentum for all brands simultaneously while bringing them all under a new, unified look and feel.


We created an extensive array of 3D animations to bring flagship products to life.


Our plan of attack was brought lasting organic success. We were able to create significant, long-term organic traffic boosts while improving the user experience and adding brand new functionality.

The result

We solved both a tremendous front-end and a back-end challenge, each of which required careful planning and execution. We created a unified architecture that would streamline further growth for the backend teams, while markedly improving customer experience and growing traffic along the way.



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Let us take you further than you’ve ever been.