Completely custom web solutions & video for a national digital learning non-profit.

The work

How we helped create multiple bespoke digital learning platforms.

BUILD is a national non-profit organization that uses technology to teach entrepreneurship to disadvantaged students. In short, they stand for everything we believe in. It was our great pleasure to develop multiple websites, custom WordPress plug-ins, and bespoke learning management systems for BUILD. We also captured “Masterclass-style” video with 2D animation and post-production.

Marisol B.

Digital Product & Innovation

Aloa is a dream team to work with. They bring expertise, honesty, and motivation to eliminate barriers for marginalized youth. 

Connecting with communities.

The heart and soul of BUILD were there from day one. But they had enormous technical hurdles to overcome. They wanted to create several innovative, blended learning environments to bring the best of digital learning to communities that needed it most. While they had many great offline materials, these ideas had never been properly digitized or organized into an LMS (Learning Management System). We had to bring together the expertise of several different departments to centralize and digitize their work, while dramatically improving their brand for their students and corporate donors alike.

The technical challenge.

We had to find an affordable, maintainable LMS that we could scale to meet the demands of thousands of students from many different school districts. We were also tasked with making this LMS interact with custom-built BUILD apps and games, creating a seamless hand-off for students with badging and reporting. This required an enormous volume of design, front-end building, and back-end maneuvering to make all the components talk together.

Bringing it together

We firmly believe that a brand is more than the sum of its parts. If you have a great product but a clunky website, the component parts won’t add up to something great. Once we built a modern web platform, it was an obvious choice to capture higher-quality video to make the platform shine.


We were tasked with re-imagining every digital touch point of BUILD, from creating an entirely new design language and style guide to creating single-sign-on solutions for school districts nationwide. We wanted to make sure that the content of BUILD’s LMS, website, and all digital touch points reflected the fun, simplicity, and power of what BUILD has always been about.

Cindy P.

Director of Pathways

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WOW!!! Incredible work! 💥

The best part?

We loved every minute of working with BUILD, because they are a diverse team of highly empathetic, compassionate, and brilliant people. Our greatest joy is working with people who have a bigger purpose and mission. Everyone from the BUILD team radiates a strong commitment to the larger goal of teaching valuable skills to students who are often left behind.



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