Dyania Health

Using AI to 3,600x healthcare processes, potentially saving millions of lives.

The work

How we championed an incredible use case for AI.

What could be more noble than saving countless lives? From the moment we met team Dyania, one thing was clear: these women are geniuses. Their proprietary Synapsis AI can parse through mountains of patient data in a fraction of the time a human reader could. Thousands or even millions of patients can be stuck in “limbo” waiting for their chart to be reviewed. With Dyania’s breakthrough tech, exponentially more can now get access to healthcare and clinical trials when they need it. Our task was to take a highly complex subject and make it digestible and relatable.

Eirini S.


Aloa are the most insanely miraculous group of unbelievable people in the entire world. Einstein? Who cares. These guys are like Einstein, Newton, and Steve Jobs rolled into one: they’re that good.

Making the impossible, possible.

From our first meeting, it was clear that Dyania was onto something massive. It was also clear that the magnitude of this work wasn’t being fully communicated. Our challenge was to sift through mountains of data and come up with the emotional core of this game-changing technology, and translate that into the kind of presence that can scale to $1B and beyond.

The technical challenge.

There are many different people who benefit from Dyania’s technology. From individual patients who might get life-saving care to doctors who can now save exponentially more patients, we had to find a way to meet each of these stakeholders where they are. We envisioned interactive elements that would make it clear how gigantic of a breakthrough Dyania actually is.

A new logo for growth.

When creating the new brand from scratch, we wanted to combine the unique elements that make up Dyania. We knew that their origins came from the greek letter δ, which means “difference”. We also knew that their work represented the connection between human and machine. From this, we thought about how binary code is essentially two opposites combining to create something beautiful. Our insight was to combine δ with 01, with a gap in between representing the space between synapses that never touch. The result is an intentional logo strong enough to carry them well into the future.

Bringing it together.

There are so many layers to the work we’ve done. From branding to assets to messaging to coding, we created a tongue-in-cheek universe in which the patient is at the center. We drew connections between an artificial synapse and a human one, showing Synapsis AI at the center of an entirely new means of communication. The logo, 3D assets, and design all reflect this unified approach, and there are many subtle layers of nuance throughout.

The best part?

Every one of us knows someone who has suffered from or died from diseases like cancer. How many of these people could have prolonged their lives if they had just gotten the right treatment in time? Nothing is more noble or satisfying to work on than the prospect of saving millions of lives. We’re absolutely honored to be a part of this mission.



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