Precision Extraction

A complete rebuild with SEO for a hydrocarbon extraction company.

The work

Bringing together thousands of parts, literally.

Precision was the market leader in solvent-based extraction, with a large lineup of industrial-scale machinery and a strong clientele base. With a focus on personal sales, their previous website was little more than an informational hub. We were tasked with creating e-commerce functionality for the brand for the first time, building out an entirely new product catalog. We needed to make hundreds of products purchasable online while giving the site new branding and a major uplift in addition to driving organic traffic.  

Organic traffic in 8 months
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Our approach.

The back end of their site at the start was a mess. Many developers with many different ideas had contributed, leading to a disorganized, chaotic code base built on aging tech. We quickly realized we’d have to rebuild the backend from scratch, cleaning up the architecture and refactoring the code base while making the site perform and look noticeably better.



We advised on product photography and best practices, and created a new batch of high-quality 3D assets that would make the brand stand out from competitors. We re-imagined everything, with maintainability, scalability, and ease-of-use at the forefront. We also transitioned to a new site and SEO strategy, growing their traffic during and after the transition.

The solution.

We spent extra time re-imagining Precision’s top-performing products, to make sure that the best part of their catalog shined in its new home. We rebuilt their products in WooCommerce, and took the chance to reimagine product pages, blog pages and SEO structure, and the cart and checkout experience for a serious yet modern feel.

The result.

We were able to standardize the back-end and streamline the connection to their ERP, helping them navigate stock, tax compliance, and SEO in a more scalable way. We gave a major uplift to the brand perception, bringing them into the future while driving real traffic and e-commerce sales that they had never before had.



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Let us take you further than you’ve ever been.