Branding, prototyping and 3D for a fun-loving e-commerce store.



The work

How we reimagined an established e-commerce brand.

PurePressure is a leading supplier of solventless extraction equipment. They’ve had a thriving Shopify e-commerce store for many years, making millions in revenue. But more importantly, they’ve always had a strong ethos, brand identity, and a deeply passionate customer base. Their commitment to an all-natural process and American-made products sets them apart from competitors in the space.

As part of their acquisition, we were asked to rebrand PurePressure. This meant rebuilding and re-imagining their entire catalog, adding higher-quality imagery and exciting new 3D animations.

Mallory T.

Brand Specialist

Aloa strategically helped us transform PurePressure 1.0 into PurePressure 2.0. They really “get” the PurePressure ethos and were able to translate that into amazing ideas that perfectly captured what we were looking for. Thanks to Aloa’s hard work and expertise, we can continue to have a brand presence that we are genuinely proud of!

Our approach

We spent considerable time getting to know the ethos of PurePressure before we got to work—who are they? Why are they different? What makes them so passionate compared to other equipment providers? They were concerned that anything new we made might fundamentally change the perception of the brand they love. 


So we crafted a new design based on team feedback that had hints of elements of the brand’s origins, while creating a futuristic new design language that helped make the shift a positive one for all involved. We wanted to position them as premium, yet playful.

The solution.

We spent extra time re-imagining PurePressure’s top-performing products, to make sure that the best part of their catalog shined in its new home. We revisited every touch point, to create a modernized, fun feeling that was true to their roots but forward-thinking.

The result.

We were able to standardize the back-end and streamline the connection to their ERP, helping them navigate stock, tax compliance, and SEO in a more scalable way. This required an enormous amount of under-the-hood work, but the result pleased PurePressure, our team, and their customers!



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